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Lets Work On Your Game

Let me tailor Yoga classes just for you

Personal training can be associated with drill and forces but really tailored Yoga sessions are one of the most fun parts about my teaching, for both my Yogis and me. Your private Yoga class might be your ​first introduction to Yoga or a way to deepen your practice or to reach your individual goals eg. stress relief, weight loss or anything else that might pop up on your mind.
You might be injured or recovering from an operation, a stiff shoulder, a new hip, knee or whatsoever... a Yoga class that suits you is by far the best thing you will experience.
No neighbors on mats you have to check up on, no asanas you are not (yet) capable of doing.
Just you, your mat, your breath, your body and mind and me, adjusting you and trying to make the most out of those 90min for you. Only you.
A personal training might also be something you wanna grant for someone you love and know they are in need of some time just for themselves. Beautiful and memorable gift for yourself and others. 

Feel free to message me for more and don’t miss out on 90min that we will be doing just for you.

Join Us In
The Little League

Rather small Yoga classes in Lanta

I teach drop in classes at Coco Lanta Eco Resort on the beautiful island of Koh Lanta, Krabi. One of the quieter islands in the South of Thailand.

All classes are suitable for all levels.

Click here for the current schedule. Or message me, if you want to join me on the mat.

Getaway packed with Yoga

Ideal for simply everyone

Currently no workshops and retreats scheduled. 

However, do check back here some time or simply get in touch and inquire about Yoga workshops or getaways.